Note: As of 10/15/2021, this site is definitely a work-in-progress. I am simultaneously trying to get water-monitoring stuff to work and to make this site useable. RSN (Real Soon Now) you will be able to register and be updated on new things as they are added. — Peter

Do you use water?

Do you ever wonder if everything is OK with your water supply?

Do you know how much water you are using and where?

Have you ever run out of water?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this site may be of use to you.

WaterUnderground.net (WUN) is focused on the development of tools and systems that allow any homeowner to get a detailed, accurate, and near-realtime picture of how their property obtains, stores, and uses water.

The impetus for WUN was one afternoon when we ran out of water on our property. We didn’t know why, and we didn’t see it coming. Oh, and we had 24 people showing up the next day for Thanksgiving dinner. We somehow survived that, but we did not want to go through that experience again.

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